[tex-live] using JadeTeX with TeX Live

John Lumby johnlumby at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 15 23:50:04 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:
>     H XML typesetting scheme        ===>>>   could not find some file 
>That is cm-super.  Perhaps try XML and then add the "extra fonts"
>collection (C from the installer).
Thanks Karl.   I have tried that and it "almost" works.   I added E "extra 
fonts" and a few others as well, also selected
do not install macro/font doc tree
do not install macro/font source tree
total size around 500Mb, which I can just accommodate, and ran my pdfjadetex 
it built my .pdf file and visually the file is fine, but the tex err file 
had a few complaints, specifically

No file T2Acmr.fd.

! LaTeX Error: This NFSS system isn't set up properly.

I looked back in the .err file from when I tex'd using the full install and 
saw it found a file


and sure enough there is no 
./usr/local/texlive/2005/texmf-dist/tex/latex/cyrillic in my custom-build 
tree -  so I thought I would just copy that one dir from the full build into 
the custom build, which I did, and to my surprise it still gave the exact 
same complaint.    I guess the lower-upper case distinction is significant!

I trie once more, this time choosing every possible latex option, (but still 
rejecting macro/font doc and source trees) and still same complaint.   So 
now I give up.   Maybe I can ignore this error, latex certainly continued 
ok, but do you or anyone know what options I would need to specify to 
provide latex with its T2Acmr.fd ?

For the record, here is the output of my final customization.

    Proposed platform: Intel x86 with GNU/Linux
    <P> over-ride system detection and choose platform
    <B> binary systems:         1 out of 11
    <S> Installation scheme (scheme_xml)
    [customizing installation scheme:
       <C> standard collections   <L> language collections]
    14 out of 84, disk space required: 605521 kB
    <D> directories:
      TEXDIR      (The main TeX directory)        : /usr/local/texlive/2005
      TEXMFLOCAL  (Directory for local styles etc): 
      TEXMFSYSVAR (Directory for local config)    : 
    <O> options:
       [ ] alternate directory for generated fonts ()
       [X] create symlinks in standard directories
       [X] do not install macro/font doc tree
       [X] do not install macro/font source tree
    <I> start installation
    <H> help,  <Q> quit

a [X] Essential program v [ ] Mongolian documen N [X] Basic LaTeX packa
b [ ] Essential binarie w [ ] Polish documentat O [X] Experiment LaTeX3
c [ ] Extra BibTeX styl x [ ] Portuguese docume P [X] LaTeX supplementa
d [ ] The bare TeXLive	y [ ] Russian documenta T [X] LaTeX recommended
e [ ] TeX auxiliary pro z [ ] Spanish documenta U [ ] Advanced math typ
f [ ] Chemical typesett A [ ] Thai documentatio V [ ] MetaPost (and Met
g [ ] ConText macro pac B [ ] Ukrainian documen W [ ] Music typesetting
h [ ] Base documentatio C [ ] Vietnamese docume X [X] Omega
i [ ] Bulgarian documen D [X] TeX font-related	Y [X] pdfTeX
j [ ] Czechslovak docum E [X] Extra fonts	Z [ ] Perl for Windows
k [ ] Dutch documentati F [X] Recommended fonts 1 [X] Drawing and graph
l [ ] English documenta G [ ] Extra formats	2 [ ] Plain TeX supplem
m [ ] Finnish documenta H [ ] Games typesetting 3 [ ] PSTricks packages
n [ ] French documentat I [ ] Miscellaneous ext 4 [X] PostScript and Tr
o [ ] German documentat J [ ] Miscellaneous gen 5 [ ] Support for publi
p [ ] Greek documentati K [ ] Ghostscript for W 6 [ ] GNU Texinfo
s [ ] Italian documenta L [ ] Graphics tools	7 [X] TrueType font man
t [ ] Japanese document M [X] HTML/SGML/XML sup 8 [ ] Win32 support pro
u [ ] Korean documentat

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