[tex-live] using JadeTeX with TeX Live

John Lumby johnlumby at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 6 01:52:22 CET 2006

Reinhard wrote
>The TeXLive build system is much more complicated than the teTeX one.
>Unless there are no binaries for your platform I recommend to download
>the ISO image and install the binaries.

Thanks - I did that (and see why you say more complicated) and eventually it 
all works fine ...
...  but ...   requires 1gigabyte of space !
I did try some of the alternative "smaller" options provide by command <s> 
of the install-tl.sh -
but none other than "full scheme" worked for me.   I tried
F TeX Live medium scheme       ===>>>  could not find the pdfjadetex fmt
H XML typesetting scheme        ===>>>   could not find some file ecrm1000
I won't be able to leave it there using all 1GB (it's on a temp backup 
partition).    Do you or anyone know if it's possible to somehow customise a 
livetex installation for running pdfetex and jadetex?   The smaller ones I 
tried used only 200MB and 100MB respectively.    This full one has about 12 
languages I will never use.   But I don't know what is safe to erase.     Or 
can I add the missing pices to a smaller one?    Maybe some use of texconfig 
might do it?

>However, at EuroTeX 2003 there had been a talk by Simon Pepping about
>DocbookInContext.  I do not know anything about the state of the
>project.  Maybe it's worthwhile to contact the Context people.
DocBookInContext homepage http://www.hobby.nl/~scaprea/context/index.html no 
longer exists so not promising.    I would be happy with livetex if it can 
be downsized!

Thanks for your help.      John

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