[tex-live] Ruby interpreter for Windows in the TeXLive distribution?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Fri Jun 30 11:13:47 CEST 2006

Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> writes:

> David Kastrup wrote:
>> Because they don't have broadband?  Or are you talking about using the
>> DVD (or CD) instead of installing?  Well, because large disks are
>> _expensive_ to acquire there?
> hm, what is large, actually small disk are hard to get nowadays

At the danger of repeating myself: the state of affairs in cities in
the Netherlands is not the same as that everywhere on the world.

> (i remember the times that the ntg had this bunch of floppies that
> were send in circle among members; next time i visit germany i must
> check if it's indeed as primitive over there as you suggest)

I was not talking about Germany.  Apart from that, there are
considerable areas in Germany where you can't get broadband.

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