[tex-live] Ruby interpreter in the TeXLive distribution?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jun 29 23:33:17 CEST 2006

Hi Reinhard
> Hans, what do you propose?  Not to provide Ruby for Windows?  And why?
indeed, because i think that most (windows) context users install tex live on their disk (i just copy the lot) and if they know that ruby is needed (could be mentioned in the installer) they can install ruby alongside; if needed i can make texmfstart a binary which then can report a missing ruby (which reminds me that i need to do that for miktex) 

the most important thing is that the stubs to the scripts are right but that's true for win/lin/mac 

if users are really desparate, they can download the minimal context distribution for windows which ships with the stuff needed, and is just a subset of tex live (where else should i get the files -) 

(even if ruby is installed, once users start doing fancy things they will need gs, pstoedit, imagemagick, inkscape, xsltproc, etc etc) 

the most troublesome part of an installation (or update) is not in the binaries, but in (missing or changed) fonts, patterns, etc but i tend to  get rid of such dependencies) 

let's not make the live of the packagers more complex than it is already 


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