[tex-live] Ruby interpreter for Windows in the TeXLive distribution?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jun 29 22:34:53 CEST 2006

In my view, it definitely doesn't make sense to integrate Ruby into the
TL build structure (or otherwise attempt to include it) for Unix.  I am
already overwhelmed getting all the actual *TeX* stuff updated, never
mind including big new OS programs.

If someone can provide Ruby executables for Windows, I am not opposed.
However, I cannot seek it out or test anything for Windows (as usual),
so others will have to take care of it if it's going to happen.  (Same
is true for Windows emacs+auctex, etc.)  I don't think it's an absolute
necessity to include it.

What *would* be nice, for all platforms, is if the top-level context
scripts could report "ruby is not available, please see http://whatever"
if ruby is not present.  Then it would be even less important to include
it in the distribution.  Hans, would that be possible?

    rk> I don't know how much space is left on the install CD, former or
    later the installer will say "Insert Disk 2" anyway.

I have no intention of attempting to do a multidisc CD distribution,
although, as usual, if someone else wants to get deeply enough involved
to implement it, I don't especially object.

At the moment, the only way I see to make the inst disc fit will be to
leave out some of the more obscure Unix architectures.  Picking and
choosing other sorts of packages would mean a lot of changes to the
infrastructure, so I can't undertake that either.


P.S. Regarding Texinfo, I personally would be happy for Texinfo to *not*
be included in TL.  However, when I have proposed that in the past,
others have strongly preferred that it continue to be included.  So

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