[tex-live] Xemtex and updmap

Sebastian Canagaratna s-canagaratna at onu.edu
Fri Jun 23 03:11:33 CEST 2006

Fabrice Popineau wrote:

>* Sebastian Canagaratna <s-canagaratna at onu.edu> writes:
>    > Xemtex seems to be giving me no end of problems. I ran the shell
>    > from withing xemacs as you suggested (updmap --cnffile updmap.cfg
>    > --enable abp.map) with all kinds of variations of placing the tfm
>    > files and nothing seems to work.
>Maybe because there are reasons why you should not have installed both
>texlive and xemtex ...

I am sorry I did not make this clear. I uninstalled texlive before I 
installed xemtex.  So what you have suggested below I have already 
tried. As I wrote earlier, the log file shows that no reference is made 
to the abp.map. Perhaps I am doing something pretty foolish, or the 
Acrotex presentation bundle is not compatible with Xemtex.  I will try 
to ask D.P.Story as well, be he has not shown any familiarity with 
xemtex: his instructions are only for miktex and Y&Ytex.

>    > I have tried adding Map abp.map to the bottom of /Program
>    > Files/Xemtex/texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg, put the abp.map in
>    > ..texmf-var/fonts/map/abp, the tfm files in texmf-var/fonts/tfm/
>    > (and also other variations ). It was not able to find the abp.map
>    > files, and it was clear from the log file the the pdftex.map files
>    > was being lloked at. So I added the two lines in the abp.map to
>    > the bottom of the pdftex.map, but I get the following error:
>    > Warning: pdflatex.exe(file C:/Program
>    > File/../texmf-var/fonts/map/updmap/pdftex.map): invalid entry
>    > webding: font file missing) , the compilation goes through, but it
>    > does not find the files.
>    > Could you give me some hints as to how to proceed?
>Starting from a fresh xemtex installation, the following command inside
>an XEmacs shell should work :
>updmap --enable Map=abp.map

 I will try this once more and let you know.

>    > 1. All latex files seem to come up with the non-fatal error:
>    > Cannot execute command "[DocClose(%.s")]" (error 16393). Is there
>    > something wrong with my installation?
>No, it happens the first time you try to view the document in Acrobat
>only because the file has not yet been opened in Acrobat. Subsequent
>trials will close the document that is open before compiling it. The
>message is harmless.
>    > 2. D. P. Story's Acrotex Presentation Bundle requires that all
>    > latex files be latexed 3 times then the dvi converted to pdf
>    > through dvips and Acrobat. Xemtex does not appear to allow simple
>    > latexing directly from xemacs. Is it possible to do a simple
>    > latexing in xemacs?
>No, XEmTeX is targetted at producing pdf and html documents for latex
>and context, but by direct pdflatex compilation. For other schemes, you
>are on your own. Albeit I could look at D.P. Story stuff and provide
>some configuration for it.

I recall that I earlier had problem running pdflates with files which 
contained .eps graphics files. SO I had to get the dvi file first, 
convert it to ps and then pdf. Is Xemtex able to handle files with .eps 
graphics files?


Sebastian Canagaratna

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