[tex-live] Xemtex and updmap

Sebastian Canagaratna s-canagaratna at onu.edu
Thu Jun 22 03:27:35 CEST 2006


 I was using TexLive2005 on windows XP but I couldn't get it to work
 with Xemacs and auctex, and I was having problems with windvi, which
 would render ligatures like fi with a theta. So I uninstalled Texlive
 and installed Xemtex. Everything works OK. I was trying to use
 D.P.Story's acrotex presentation bundle, in which he has apb.map with
 two tfm files. I was able to successfully install it with texlive, but
 Xemtex gives me no end of trouble. I tried to put apb directory in
 C:\PRogram Files\Xemtex\texmf-var\fonts\map and put the apb.map in the
 apb.directory. Also in the fonts\tfm I put apb with the tfm files from
 D.P.Story. I added Map apb.map to updmap.cfg in texmf\web2c and tried
 to run updmap --cnffile updmap.cfg --enable Map=apb.map but this comes
 up with a no such file on line 687....

 texmf-local instaed of texmf-var does not work either. I tried updmap
 --cnffile updmap.cfg --edit --enable Map=apb.map but it seems to choose
 Notepad as the editor and that is a nightmare. The documentation seems
 to suggest that I can get another editor, but I have not succeeded.

 I have tried various other ideas following updmap --help, but they all
 fail. Anybody knows how one installs a font.map in Xemtex? Googling has
 not given me any useful hints.


 Sebastian Canagaratna
 Department of Chemistry
 Ohio Northern University
 Ada, OH 45810

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