[tex-live] Perl for Windows

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Wed Jun 21 13:29:24 CEST 2006

* Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de> writes:

    > There are many programs which do not allow me to use my favourite
    > editor.  I have to use the crap they call an "editor".

    > When talking about editors, I really have to acknowledge that
    > Windows XP now provides an editor which is able to process files
    > larger than 64kB.  It's indeed a big step.  I had been waiting for
    > this feature for 20 years.  Many thanks to Microsoft!  It's really
    > a big step for mankind!

I'd like to find any reference to such a limitation. The only reference I have
found about notepad is that it seems to hold the file in memory, so you
may need a large amount to open large files.
KB PSS ID Number: 311800 from 7/8/2002

And anyway, Windows has not been designed for developpers. If you want
a decent editor, there are many available.


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