[tex-live] Notice: Help Wanted - Programmer with make/sh skills (gwTeX)

Wendy McKay wgm at cds.caltech.edu
Mon Jun 19 21:24:58 CEST 2006


                  Help Wanted for gwTeX Survival!

With the end of teTeX as a separate distribution, Gerben Wierda needs 
another source for the main texmf tree of his TeX redistribution for
Mac OS X and could use help from someone with good make/sh skills to
create a script-like solution to generate a teTeX texmf-clone from
TeX Live's Master tree as he does not have the time to do the initial
work required to change from teTeX to TL as a source. This is not
exceedingly difficult, but it is a decent bit of work.

You need to have decent make/sh (an alternative tool that may be
employed  is perl, but no other (to keep the amount of tools needed 
acceptable)) skills and have a Mac running Max OS X 10.3 or up.
The work includes:

        --- setting up your own TL Master copy with perforce (and
thus installing perforce and learning to use it). The move to svn
from perforce will be done later as the current build environment
is tied to perforce versioning and it is not wise to do two types
of changes simultaneously;

         --- setting up your own copy of Gerben's build environment
(some directories, Makefiles and such) and learning how it works;

         --- analyzing teTeX's texmf tree and rebuilding its content
(not necessarily its layout) from scratch from the TL Master tree;

        --- discussing with Gerben along the way on how all of this
can be solved best. Alternative solutions are of course possible
(a creative mind is welcome), but the above way is deemed to be the
lowest impact (e.g. minimal changes for the users and thus minimal
support requests to Gerben after the change has taken place);

         --- testing and supporting users (via the Mac OS X TeX
mailing list) during the transition.

Estimated time for a skilled person:
a few days to learn everything, a week to build the basic Makefile
entries, test etc. All of this spread over a month or so.

Please respond by email to: Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl

The MacTeX Technical Working Group
June 18, 2006

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