[tex-live] Perl for Windows

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Mon Jun 19 15:49:45 CEST 2006

Zdenek Wagner <wagner at cesnet.cz> writes:

> On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, David Kastrup wrote:
>> > Sarcasm is not what should be used here to make a point. Each and
>> > every operating system and user interface (especially visual) has
>> > it's deficiencies, at least for those who are not at home with
>> > them.
>> I just don't understand why Windows has to be considered sacred: with
>> every other system, deficiencies may be pointed out and eventually
>> fixed.  With Windows, you hit upon denial and irrational defense and
>> unrelated pseudo-rationalizations immediately.  I don't get it.
> Have you ever tried to delete .. in Windows? I tried a few years ago by
> mistake. When deleting, .. means the whole disk and Windows is able to
> delete everything including itself...

C:\.. might be the whole disk.  Unix may have no /.. but you can
perfectly well delete all files too, given that you are root (which
you are more or less by default on Windows).  In fact, Unix will not
even stop at files that are currently open.

The ability to cause awful damage with small commands is not unique to
any operating system, even though Windows is somewhat more susceptible
to it because of its traditionally lax file permissions (while the
mechanisms for protection are available, they can't be really employed
consistently without causing applications to fail).

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