[tex-live] Perl for Windows

Zdenek Wagner wagner at cesnet.cz
Mon Jun 19 10:38:15 CEST 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

> Cygwin is a self contained environment.  You can run programs which
> are not in this environment, but it doesn't make much fun.  I assume
> that copying programs and the DDLs they need to a Windows environment
> doesn't make much fun too.  There are differences in path delimiters
> and line breaks as well.  Cygwin is a nice thing unless you leave this
> environment.  It is not made for people who prefer the Windows GUI.
> But for TeXLive cygwin is not an option.  That would mean that TL has
> to provide the complete cygwin distribution, which is impossible.
> And it doesn't solve the original problem.
For instance, Octave also requires some part of cygwin and gnuplot. One
package is just EXE which installs the necesary parts without asking the
user. It is installed in such a way that the user does not even know about
it and these parts can hardly be used outside Octave. However, the
installation does not destroy cygwin and gnuplot if they are already
installed ane they continue to work. Maybe it could be done in some
similar way with Perl and TL.

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