[tex-live] windvi, gsftopk.exe problems with TeXLive2005

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Sun Jun 18 22:45:29 CEST 2006

On 6/17/06, Sebastian Canagaratna <s-canagaratna at onu.edu> wrote:

> I am using TexLive2005 on an XP machine, the xemtex version being
> installed to the hard-drive. When I latex a file and try to view the dvi
> file ( using WInSHell) the windvi seems to have problems with ligatures
> like fi, which show up as a theta. SO every time it come to such
> ligatures there is an error message. However, if I run dvips of the dvi
> file and convert it to pdf, the file is rendered without any problem

Did you install gs with TeX Live?  If not you may need to add the gs
"bin" directory to your PATH variable.

> Everything else seems to be working OK. ANy suggestions about what could
> be the problem?

I gather that windvi is not being maintained, but since there are
alternatives, I haven't investigated or even paid attention to fixes.
The alternatives include:

1.  pdf workflow, as you mention or using pdf(la)tex to get to pdf's in 1 step.
2.  auctex with preview (a new version was just released and for XP
you can get an emacs binary that is easy to install and "works for
me").  Many people who use a dvi viewer only because it is fast when
working on a complicated layout find previews more efficient, but not
everyone is compatible with emacs.
3.  dviout, which seems to be maintained, but may share some problems
when generating pk fonts.  There is adequate documentation in english.
4.  ps workflow, using gsview to display the output.

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