[tex-live] texlive on cygwin platform

djh henman at it.to-be.co.jp
Thu Jun 15 07:33:31 CEST 2006

  thanks.  I was away for a ten day business trip (unit testing) and got back last night.  I was able to download the compressed iso files from my hotel room.  Can't do from the office.  The firewall or some piece of guard inside the office system doesn'
t allow really hugh transfers.

Thanks for adding the cygwin support and in the arch menu.

I will try to see what I can do tomorrow and get back to you.

>     Build puts all binaries in ../texlive/inst/bin/i686-pc-cygwin
> FYI, I checked in changes to utils.sh and install*.sh to add cygwin to
> the arch menu.  So if you copy your binaries into a new dir
> Master/bin/i386-cygwin, running install-live.sh should offer to install
> them.
> k

  Darel Henman

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