[tex-live] Proposal for collection reorganization

Patrick Drechsler patrick at pdrechsler.de
Mon Jun 12 22:41:27 CEST 2006

Norbert Preining wrote on 12 Jun 2006 18:57:00 MET:

> My first list was taken without too much objections, so here is another
> proposal for collection-science which incorporates all this
> collection-chemistry plus the following stuff from collection-latexextra
>   SIunits -- International System of Units.  
>   begriff -- Typeset Begriffschrift.
>   biocon -- Typesetting biological species names
>   bitfield -- Draw bit field data structure diagrams.
>   bytefield -- Create illustrations for network protocol specifications.
>   clrscode -- Typesets pseudocode as in Introduction to Algorithms.
>   complexity -- Computational complexity class names
>   computational-complexity -- The computational-complexity package.
>   ednotes -- Typeset scholarly edition.
>   formula -- Typesetting physical units.
>   functan -- macros for functional analysis and PDE theory
>   hepparticles -- Macros for typesetting high energy physics particle names.
>   hepunits -- A set of units useful in high energy physics applications.
>   karnaugh -- Typeset Karnaugh-Veitch-maps.
>   metre -- Support for the work of classicists
>   mhs -- Historical mathematics.
>   miller -- Typeset miller indices.
>   nassflow -- Drawing Nassi-Schneidermann diagrams and flowcharts.
>   newalg -- Format algorithms like Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest.
>   objectz -- Macros for typesetting Object Z.
>   rst -- Drawing rhetorical structure analysis diagrams in LaTeX
>   struktex -- Draw Nassi-Schneidermann charts
>   t-angles -- Draw tangles, trees, Hopf algebra operations and other
>    pictures.
>   textopo -- Annotated membrane protein topology plots.
>   youngtab -- Typeset Young-Tableaux.
> Please tell me your opinion!

I'm not sure if the following are already included somewhere else
but they seem to fit into this scheme:

unitsdef -- Typesetting units in LaTeX2e.
listings -- Typeset source code listings using LaTeX.
acronym -- Expand acronyms at least once.

And maybe all the PSTricks packages:

pst-3d  	PSTricks package for basic 3D operations  	(Beta)
pst-3dplot 	Three dimensional plots 	(Beta Version) 	doc
pstricks-add 	Additional macros for pstricks/pst-node/pst-plot 	(Beta)
pst-abspos 	Putting Objects at absolute Coordinates 	(Beta Version)
pst-autoseg 	Linguistic: autosegmental representations
pst-bar 	PSTricks package for bar charts
pst-barcode 	PSTricks package for printing barcodes 	Beta
pst-blur 	PSTricks package for "blurred" shadows
pst-calendar 	Calendras as tabular or on a dodecaeder 	(Beta)
pst-char 	PSTricks package for writing on curves
pst-circ 	PSTricks package for electrical circuits 	(Beta)
pst-coil 	PSTricks package for drawing coils
pst-eps 	PSTricks package to save environments as eps file
pst-eucl 	Geometrie for LaTeX with PSTricks
pst-fill 	PSTricks package for filling
pst-fr3d 	Three dimensional framed Boxes
pst-func 	Plotting special math functions 	(Beta)
pst-geo 	PSTricks package for Geographical Objects
pst-ghsb 	PSTricks package for HSB Gradients
pst-gr3d 	PSTricks package for 3D grids 	(Beta)
pst-grad 	PSTricks package for gradient colors
pst-infixplot 	PSTricks package for math expressions in algebraic notation
pst-jftree 	typesetting of trees that are common in linguistics
pst-labo 	drawing various assemblies of chemical objects 	Beta
pst-lens 	Using a lens to magnify parts of a text or a graphic
pst-light3d 	PSTricks package for 3d light effects
pst-math 	PSTricks package for extended mathematical operators
pst-node 	PSTricks package for nodes
pst-ob3d 	A PSTricks package for three dimensional basic objects
pst-pdf 	PostScript into PDF 	Beta
pst-optic 	Optical Systems with PSTricks	(Beta Version)
pst-osci 	Oscilloscopes with PSTricks
pst-pdf 	PostScript into PDF
pst-plot 	Macros for plotting functions and data records
pst-poly 	Polygons with PSTricks 	(Beta)
pst-slpe 	Improved gradient fills
pst-stru 	Draw structural schemes in civil engineering analysis
pst-text 	PSTricks package for manipulating text
pst-tree 	PSTricks package for trees
pst-uml 	draw easily diagrams with UML notation 	Author's Home
pst-vue3d 	Three dimensional views

Just my 2 cents

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