[tex-live] Proposal for collection reorganization

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jun 8 10:35:42 CEST 2006

Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Don, 08 Jun 2006, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> context only needs fonts (things under /fonts, no tex files or so), 
>> which i assume are in some kind of base font package
> So this means we could actually kill the collection-pdfetex and move the
> packages to the respecitve places (partly latex-recommended, partly
> latex-extra).
> This is IMHO a good move if we all agree on this.
> Concerning context: I am still hoping that someone is packaing context
> independently from tetex and texlive, so that one package can be used
which means that tetex/texlive will become mainly a  latex installation?
> for both texlive and tetex IN DEBIAN. (hints hints hints for the lurkers
> on these list, one of you want to take over this job!?!? ;-)
it depends what packaging is; on the context list are some users who made/discuss an rpm; i myself provide so called minimal context installations

i always understood that tex live could/did handle such things; for context users need (1) the base collection of fonts and (2) the content of the main context zip; 

in the so called minimals i use a different set of font metrics so that would mean that with regards to fonts only type1 and ttf is needed, but that's another story 

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