[tex-live] Proposal for collection reorganization

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jun 8 01:39:51 CEST 2006

Norbert Preining wrote:
> 3) collection-pdfetex
> As discussed, we leave this package as context depends on the tpms
> inside (or wants them), but maybe not all the latex packages.
context only needs fonts (things under /fonts, no tex files or so), 
which i assume are in some kind of base font package
> What is open is the stuff of microtype/pdfcprot
>> * pdfcprot/microtype
>> 	move pdfcprot to latex-extra
>> 	move microtype to pdfetex (but see below)
> microtype is latex only, or? Does context have any use of the microtype
> package? (maybe the def files for char protruding?).
no, context is self contained and has its own font handlers (i suppose 
that microtype has to do with hz and fonts) and definition system (since 
context has beeen a test bed for early pdftex features,  there has never 
been a dependency)

since many context users use metapost, a dependency on some mp package 
makes sense

context third party modules are collected in the context wiki, and 
packaged in a tds structure; they are automatically uploaded to ctan and 
come with tpm files;  (i occasionally fetch them and collect them in a 
zip for downloading); if you run into context third party files that are 
in the wrong structure, you can mail to the context development (or 
announce) list or regular context support list and we will make sure 
that it is corrected (or in the worst case, removed).

context tex files can be recognized easy since there is a (kind of 
prescribed) structure in the names:

xxxx-yyy.tex : base files
xxxx-yy.pat|hyp: pattern files (not to be aliased!)
m-*.tex : tex related modules
x-*.tex: xml related modules
p-*.tex: private modules
t-*.tex: third party modules
s-*.tex: public style files
u-*.tex: user modules

context.tex : the main file
cont-en.tex  etc : different user interfaces

plus some readme and interface documentation files (xml format)

metapost files have names like:

> If no, the we should put it into latex-recommended, if yes, into
> -pdfetex.
> OTOH pdfcprot: Is it used by context? Does itmake sense to have it in
> -pdfetex?
i don't even know what pdfcprot does; actually, there have never been 
dependencies on  other that the files that ship with context; nothing in 
generic is needed either (does not hurt if context wants to use plain as 

(in the past i've seen remarks in linux distributions that context 
depended on pdftex and even that was wrong: it can run on any tex, not 
that it matters now since we only have pdfetex and xetex)

(i can send you a list of files that we use in the so called minimal 
context distributions)


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