[tex-live] Using LM instead of CM

Ralf Stubner ralf.stubner at physik.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Jun 7 23:22:01 CEST 2006

Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de> writes:

>>>>>> "Ralf" == Ralf Stubner <ralf.stubner at physik.uni-erlangen.de> writes:
>   > There is a further problem that the hinting of the LM fonts is
>   > rather strange at the moment (v0.99.3), as they contain many
>   > unnecessary hints.
> Try version 1.00.  Jacko told me that some hints are wrong in the old
> version because the description in the Adobe docs are not clear.

Unclear Adobe docs, that sounds like ghost hints <comparing old and new>
indeed, v0.99.3 has positive 'ghost hints' while v1.00 has negative
ones. That is indeed something that is not mentioned in the Type1
specifications. The problem with to many hints is still there, though.
And yes, I did sent a more detailed message to Jacko.

BTW, it looks as if the metrics have changed between v0.99.3 and v1.00,
eg the section sign is now narrower than before, so still wider than in
CM/EC. Guess I will redo some of my tests ...


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