[tex-live] teTeX: no next release

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Mon Jun 5 23:25:25 CEST 2006

Stefan Ulrich <stefanulrich at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> [ sorry, I've written separate replies to you and the lists - had a
>   problem with my reply-to settings ...]

OK. I'm putting both lists in Cc again, then. I think we're getting at
the end of this subthread (with a positive outcome), and I'd find it
awkward to leave people on these lists with unanswered questions (but I
recognize it's a bit off topic for the texlive list, sorry).

Stefan Ulrich:

>>> I couldn't reproduce this with either of Gnome 2.4, KDE 3.2, fvwm or
>>> twm: hitting RETURN repeatedly should close the dialog box and return
>>> to the search window with the focus unchanged. Which window manager
>>> are you using? (Maybe we should take this back to the SourceForge bug
>>> reporting page since it's a bit offtopic here on tex-live ...)

Florent Rougon (me):

>> Window Maker 0.91.0 (the version in Debian sarge).
>> It can do both types of focus mode. Normally, I use click-to-focus, but
>> I temporarily switched to focus-follows-mouse to do this test.
>> But I'm not claiming the behaviour in focus-follows-mouse is an xdvi
>> bug. After all, I had my mouse pointer over the main xdvi window when
>> the "do you want to wrap around the search" dialog box disappeared, so I
>> wasn't particularly surprised to see the main xdvi window getting the
>> focus at that point.

Stefan Ulrich:

> Ah, OK, I had thought that the focus had returned to the search window
> but the text field had lost the focus. If the mouse was over the main
> window, it's perfectly OK for it to get the focus.

Yes, that was the case.

>                                                      (Apparently the
> window managers in my tests placed the popups differently because the
> confirmation dialog had always appeared over the search dialog, so I
> didn't have to move the mouse).

IIRC, the confirmation dialog did appear over the search dialog, but the
mouse pointer was elsewhere from the beginning of the experiment (and
wasn't magically moved by the WM). I did the whole test with the
keyboard only, and wasn't "lucky" enough to have the search dialog box
appear right under the mouse pointer!



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