[tex-live] Proposal for collection reorganization

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Jun 4 13:03:54 CEST 2006

Dear all!

We would like to propose some changes to the collections. These proposal
came up after some discussion on the Debian texlive packages, and make
sense in general.

Of course I will make all the necessary changes if accepted, but please
first lets dicuss and see if we TeX live agree:

Suggestions to tpm restructuring:

* fpl/mathpazo
	move fpl from fonts-extra to fonts-recommended
	move mathpazo from math-extra to latex-recommended

	Reason: PSNFSS asks for these fonts

* charter
	move charter from fonts-extra to fonts-recommended

	Reason: PSNFSS asks for these fonts

* rsfs
	move rsfs from fonts-extra to fonts-recommended

	Reason: PSNFSS asks for these fonts
* (HA-prosper)/beamer/powerdot
	move prosper from latex-recommended to latex-extra
	move beamer and powerdot from latex-extra to latex-recommended

	Reason: the later are more up-to-date and advanced (more used?)

* jura*
	move jurabib from lang-de to bibtex-extra
	move juramisc, jurarsp, juraabbrev from latex-extra to lang-de

	Reason: juramisc, jurarsp, juraabbrev is specific to German law, 
	while jurabib is used in humanities and literature, too.

* pdfcprot/microtype
	move pdfcprot to latex-extra
	move microtype to pdfetex (but see below)

	Reason: microtype is the preferred method, pdfcprot is old

* other simple moves
	mhequ -- Multicolumn equations, tags, labels, sub-numbering.
		from latexextra to mathextra
	ogonek -- Support for Polish typography and the ogonek.
		from latexextra to langpolish
	uhrzeit -- Time printing, in German.
		from latexextra to langgerman

* collection-chemistry => collection-science
	merge other scientific packages
	(units, scipaper, textopo, algorithm,...)
	into a new latex-science
	List has to be determined

* various publishers and thesis styles
	move from latex-extra to publishers
	(proposed but probably incomplete list)
  IEEEconf -- IEEEconf proceedings
  aastex -- Macros for Manuscript Preparation for AAS Journals.
  apa -- American Psychological Association format.
  asaetr -- Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.
  ascelike -- Bibliography style for the American Society of Civil Engineer.
  gatech-thesis -- Georgia Institute of Technology thesis class
  imac -- International Modal Analysis Conference format.
  jhep -- JHEP style.
  jpsj -- Document Class for Journal of the Physical Society of Japan.
  muthesis -- Document classes for University of Manchester Department of
   	Computer Science.
  nature -- Prepare papers for the journal Nature.
  osa -- Macros for Optical Society of America Journals, etc.
  ptptex -- Macros for 'Progress of Theoretical Physics'.
  sae -- Typeset an SAE technical paper.
  siggraph -- SIGGRAPH conference class.
  tugboat -- LaTeX macros for TUGboat articles.
  uaclasses -- University of Arizona thesis and dissertation format.
  ucthesis -- University of California thesis format.
  uiucthesis -- UIUC thesis class.
  umich-thesis -- University of Michigan Thesis LaTeX class.
  york-thesis -- A thesis class file for York University, Toronto.

	Reason: the fit better there

Finally something which should be discussed:

* Remove collection-pdfetex and move all the files into latex-base or

What do we need the collection-pdfetex for? It does *not* contain the
pdfetex binary, but only pdf related stuff:
  cmap -- Make PDF files searchable and copyable.
  etex -- An extended version of TeX, from the NTS project.
  ifmslide -- Presentation slides for screen and printouts.
  pdf-trans -- Transformations of TeX boxes for pdfTeX.
  pdfcprot -- Activating and setting of character protruding using pdflatex.
  pdfpages -- Include PDF documents in LaTeX.
  pdfscreen -- Support screen-based document design.
  pdfslide -- Presentation slides using pdftex.
  pdftexdef -- The pdftexdef package.
  pdftricks -- Support for pstricks  in pdftex.
  pdfwin -- Customizable windows for screen output.
  xbmc -- Skeleton package.
  bin-pdftools -- Support tools for PDF files.
  bin-thumbpdf -- Thumbnails for pdfTeX and dvips/ps2pdf.
  eso-pic -- Add picture commands (or backgrounds) to every page.

pdftools and thumbpdf could probably moved to collection-context (especially 
since they are links to texexec!!!).

Best wishes


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