[tex-live] teTeX: no next release

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jun 3 00:18:10 CEST 2006

Re DVI (with or without source specials) vs. PDF in TeX Live:

1) I got a small but steady stream of complaints about people unable to
   deal with the DVI files for whatever reason -- using a web browser on
   the hierarchy, don't have the fonts, whatever.  No complaints as of
   now about PDF.

2) In these days of routine 50-100gb disks, I'm not impressed by the
   space argument.  GNU/Linux distributions can choose what collections
   to include and what to leave out, which will have a far greater
   impact than PDF vs. DVI.  I wouldn't expect full TL to go on Linux
   distribution discs in the first place (but whatever).

3) Most importantly, CTAN has PDF.  Therefore all I have to do for TL is
   copy the PDF.  This has been a significant time savings -- creating
   the doc dvi was one of the most fragile parts of the CTAN->TL
4) So, as long as I'm doing the bulk of the TL updates, TL will continue
   to have PDF.
5) Of course, anyone is free to make dvi's, with or without source
   specials, if they wish, for redistribution or whatever.  If it's done
   in a timely and systematic way, personally I would be happy to
   include the dvi's on the TC DVD, or in TL, or whatever makes sense,
   we can figure it out if it comes to pass.  But I can't take on the
   additional job of creating them.


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