[tex-live] What do to with cm-super (was: limited and unlimited volunteering)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jun 2 20:52:15 CEST 2006

    Through approrpiate reencoding a font file like sfrm1000.pfb is used for
    latin /and/ cyrillic encodings. This is true for all fonts in the
    cm-super collection.

I see, thanks.

I didn't make this clear before, since it wasn't clear in my mind.  But
your reply makes me realize that the hope is to use LM for the
non-cyrillic encodings, and thus be able to keep a smaller set of
cm-super files in TL (e.g., just 10pt or whatever), since far fewer
users would be affected.  My recollection is that Vladimir said at one
time that this sounded ok to him.  I hope it still does.

In any case, I am sure we will need to save space somewhere to still be
able to make an inst CD, I've already added enough new packages to put
us over 700mb.  Perhaps it will finally be time this year to have
inst/CD be a subset of the live/DVD, instead of being identical, but
that will mean a lot of infrastructure changes.

Anyway, unless a volunteer comes forward, it's likely nothing will
happen in this regard, so whatever :).


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