[tex-live] teTeX: no next release

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Fri Jun 2 16:29:44 CEST 2006

Florent Rougon <f.rougon at free.fr> wrote:

>> Did you report this as a bug?  Stuff like this should be fixed rather
>> than be a cause for damnation.


> I didn't report the problem because I was about to reply that DVI files
> weren't searchable in xdvi when I loaded the manpage to find out that
> was wrong!

The problem is now reported at:


(also, I believe xdvi can use Motif or lesstiff instead of Xaw--don't
remember precisely; here, it uses Xaw; maybe someone on this list has
xdvi working with the other toolkit and doesn't see the problem?)


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