[tex-live] texlive on cygwin platform

djh henman at it.to-be.co.jp
Thu Jun 1 10:03:09 CEST 2006

>> If I just use "Build" I get all these files in
>>         ...inst...  but no install script mentioned in the manual?  
> It's at the top level of the Master/ directory -- install-live.sh in
> this case.

A assume that you mean the top level directory which contains the "Build" script.

Regardless, I can't find an "insall-live.sh" in any of the directories.

  * From the top level I tried:   find . -name install-live.sh -print
  * => Resulting in nothing.
  * Then I tried a   tar -vtjf source.tar.bz2 | grep install-live.sh
  * => Again nothing.

> As I explained before, our practice has been to build the binaries
> separately and then copy the binaries into the Master tree.  I mean
> something like:
> cd /tl/root/source
> ./Build

My "Build" script ends up in the same directory as the tarball file, which is in a directory I made names ..texlive.

> cd inst/bin
> cp -pr newarchname /tl/root/Master/bin
> The Master tree is what eventually becomes the distribution.  There is
> no "configure && make install" process which generates it.
So I can just make up a Master Tree?  Say /usr/local/texlive or /usr/local/texmf?

> In order to get the Cygwin architecture to be recognized by the install
> scripts, it has to be added to a few lists.  If you search for "aix" or
> something in Master/*.sh, you will see.  Or I can do it easily enough.
> What is the architecture name for cygwin?

Build puts all binaries in ../texlive/inst/bin/i686-pc-cygwin

Environment variable is: OSTYPE=cygwin

So now I have all of the binaries.

I need to set TEXMFMAIN and TEXMFSYSVAR....

But, I don't know where to....  just make up to /usr/local/texlive  and ...texlive/share/texmf?

I am sorry that I don't know alot about the innards of this yet.

  Darel Henman

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