[tex-live] InstallJammer

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Sat Apr 29 23:30:51 CEST 2006

Damon Courtney <damon at installjammer.com> writes:

>> The concept for sure sounds nice.  But why did you choose the MPL
>> as a license?  All the patent clauses in there are extremely
>> worrisome.  Furthermore, I don't think the TeXlive team would want
>> to take the responsibility imposed by clause 3.2:
>     To be quite honest, I only chose it because after doing some
> reading, I learned that it was probably the best license for a
> possible open source / commercial hybrid.  I wasn't really sure
> where I wanted to go with InstallJammer in the future, and I wanted
> to keep my options open.

GPL keeps your options open.

>     I don't know that I would ever go GPL.  I, personally, don't
> agree with a lot of the GPL.

Which clauses?

> My license of choice has always been BSD because I truly believe in
> being able to do anything you want with the software.

> I've written a lot of open source code, and I've released a lot of
> software, but InstallJammer was the first thing I ever spent years
> on and really poured my heart into.  I didn't want to see it stolen
> out from under me,

At one time you have to take your pick.  Either you want to be able to
have somebody "steal your software out from under you" (which is part
of "being able to do anything he wants with the software") or not.

> but I also really don't care for the GPL.  It leaves a bad taste in
> my mouth.

Sorry, but this sounds like superstition.  What terms of the GPL leave
a bad taste in your mouth?

> Obviously the BSD License would provide no restrictions whatsoever,
> so how do you guys feel about it?  I've never really had a licensing
> discussion with anyone, so I'm very open to hearing opinions on the
> matter. :)

I would not use it for an ongoing project where I want to keep reins
and control and have limited resources.  The stuff that would be
financially worth "stealing from out under me" (assuming that you mean
something similar here).

I find the GPL a perfect fit for that.  Whether or not you agree with
Stallman on a personal or philosophical base is pretty much irrelevant
as long as you yourself are the copyright holder and thus in charge of
pursuing potential copyright violations.

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