[tex-live] svn update killed

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Apr 27 03:05:42 CEST 2006

    svn update is working now, however so slowly :-) 

The svn update for me on the whole hierarchy takes <3 minutes.  I gather
things are much worse for you?

    Has svn any short commant to see what was lastly changed 

Do you mean what has last been committed, or what you've changed locally
and not committed yet?

The answer to the latter is svn update (and this is one thing which p4
does not provide, which I found quite frustrating).

It seems to me that some option to svnlook should provide the answer to
the former, but it will take some research.

What I do in svnchangelog boils down to invocations like:
  svn log -v -r HEAD:1558

(Leave off the -v if you don't want the actual log messages.)  It would
be easy enough to write a script which reports back all the directories
changed since the last update based on that output, seems to me.

Svnchangelog updates Build/cdbuild/logs/svnlog, right now only
once per day, though it could be more often.  Then perhaps you could
just look at that file.

Alternatively, perhaps Reinhard's approach is better, to update the log
information at commit time instead of via the separate job.  I just have
a penchant for separating anything which can be separated.  I found it
annoyingly tricky to debug log rotation.

What exactly are you looking for?  I'm sure we can create a convenient
way to get the info. I can't run
  p4 changes -l -m 10
-- it seems the server is not up.  Maybe the license expired again.


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