[tex-live] svn update killed

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Apr 19 03:58:48 CEST 2006

>>>>> "Staszek" == Staszek Wawrykiewicz <staw at gust.org.pl> writes:

  > ... but svn update is working now, however so slowly :-)

sed -e 's/:-\)/:-\(/g'

  > Has svn any short commant to see what was lastly changed and in
  > which directories in such huge repository as TL?

Maybe I can write a small Perl script which updates only the files
which had been changed at tug.org.

Karl, can you install the following script in svn's hook directory
under the name "post-commit"?





echo "rev $REV" > ${TMPFILE}
svnlook changed ${REPOS} -r${REV} >> ${TMPFILE}
cat ${LOGFILE} >> ${TMPFILE}

I just installed a sandbox svn repository with old vntex stuff.
After I played a bit with it, ${LOGFILE} looked like this:

rev 94
D   texmf-vnr/fonts/source/public/vnr/vnbx10.mf
rev 93
D   texmf-vnr/fonts/source/public/vnr/vnbx8.mf
D   texmf-vnr/fonts/source/public/vnr/vnbx9.mf
rev 92
D   texmf-vnr/fonts/source/public/vnr/vnbx7.mf

A Perl script could first determine the current revision number on
the local system using 

    svn info -r HEAD

and then read ${LOGFILE} from tug.org using wget:

while (<WGET>) {
  last if /^rev ${LOCAL_REV}$/;  # abort if rev_server == rev_local
  next if /^rev /;		 # ignore rev numbers
  s/.{4}//;			 # delete everything before path
  system "svn update $_";        # run svn update

Note that I don't have a trunk directory in the vntex repository.

Maybe it's better to pipe the output of svnlook through
sed -e 's|trunk/|./|' or similar because the trunk directory does not
appear after you have checked out texlive.

I also considered to use "dirs-changed" instead of "changed" as an
svnlook option.  It looks more efficient at a first glance but
is quite inefficient if a file has to be updated which resides close
to the root directory.

I tried "svnlook dirs-changed" and modified the TODO file in the root
directory.  The result was:

rev 95

In this case the script will do the same as "svn update texlive".

Maybe it is a bit nasty that post-commit \emph{pre}pends new stuff to
$LOGFILE, but on the other hand, wget has to download only a few lines
each time.  I suppose that the script will run reasonably fast.

Presumably the $LOGFILE will grow to a few megabytes each year but can
be removed each time TL is released.  On the other hand, old stuff is
at the bottom and a cron job can truncate the file if it grows too


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