[tex-live] install a package called powerdot

J M Smith jmsmith at ecs.umass.edu
Wed Apr 5 16:52:02 CEST 2006

Dear Tex-Live:
    I wanted to install a package called powerdot from ctan which is bundled
with the tex-live disc 2005.
I place the dvd in the drive went to the program tex-live and clicked on
maintenance to install a package through tex-live. I asked to install the
package from the dvd and had tex-live search on the dvd for the directories:
then asked it to install the package and the program crashes (numerous
times). Perhaps I don't know which directory to include?
    I know that I am doing something wrong but cannot figure out what is
wrong. Anyone to help?


J. MacGregor Smith
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Elab Building
University of Massachusetts
Amherst MA 01003
Phone (413) 545-4542
Fax (413) 545-1027

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