[tex-live] Re: TL2003+XEmacs/Win -->TL2005

Reiner Steib reinersteib+gmane at imap.cc
Thu Apr 6 09:51:06 CEST 2006

On Thu, Apr 06 2006, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

>> A colleague used TL-2005 and it was not easy to install auc-tex under
>> Windows 

On ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/auctex/ there's an AUCTeX 11.82 version
bundled with a pre-build Emacs 22 (CVS) for Windows.

>> because we couldn't make use of the Makefile.
> BTW, the newly released GNU make 3.81 seems to run natively on
> Windows, according to the NEWS file.

I think you need not only make, but also several other GNU or Unix
tools (configure, ...).  MSYS or Cygwin are sufficient[1].  For Emacs
you need these tools anyhow, since M-x grep, ... won't work without
MSYS or Cygwin.

Bye, Reiner.

[1] See INSTALL.windows or
    (info "(auctex)Installation under MS Windows")
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