[tex-live] TL2005-inst-20051030 issues

Axel Kielhorn A.Kielhorn at web.de
Sun Oct 30 21:24:19 CET 2005


I just downloaded the new iso image and discovered that it contains
Since Vim 6.4 was released some weeks ago it may be a good idea to 
It also contains vim-latexSuite-1.5-rc1 while vim-latexSuite-1.5 is 

On the Mac I had to replace altpdftex with simpdftex in TexShop, but 
that was indicated by altpdftex. Gerben, will you change this in future 
versions of TeXShop?
(I have version 1.40.)

Even my handwritten pdf-detection code seems to work. (Yes I know, I 
should use ifpdf.)

Just one question:
How do I share PK-fonts between texlive/2004 and texlive/2005?
Should I link texlive/2004/texmf-dist/fonts/pk to 
Should I tell texlive-2005 to use the 2004 folder?
Or should I simply forget about that and use lmr instead of cmr/ecr?


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