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George White aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Oct 28 13:51:31 CEST 2005

Quoting Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de>:

> >>>>> "Heiko" == Heiko Oberdiek <oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de> writes:
>   > hyperref.pdf is the document, generated from hyperref.dtx.  Thus
>   > this solution leads to confusion.
> There is no file hyperref.pdf in TeXLive or teTeX.  Karl? Thomas?

Maybe not, but it is a potential conflict so could make trouble in the future.
Renaming is dangerous since it may go against something in the package author's
mind.  Trying to get a bunch of authors to conform to any convention is hard,
so a more robust strategy is to make sure it is as easy as possbile for users
discover whatever documentation exists.  

Currently [well, 2 weeks ago test version]: 

$ texdoc -l hyperref

$ texdoc -l hyperref/manual

So I have to guess the manual.pdf part.  The perl script be changed to
give all the .pdf and .html files, or possible the .txt files if no pdf or
html files are found.  

$ texdoc -l hyperref

I would be helpful to add a "-d" option to list matching directories in the
doc tree(s):

$ texdoc -d hyperref

I think this could be done with a search of the form:

find `kpsewhich --expand-path='$TEXMF/doc' | tr : ' '` -name $name -type d

George N. White III
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

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