[tex-live] Problems with TL2005 beta

Gregor Zimmermann gregor.zimmermann at physik.uni-leipzig.de
Sat Oct 22 00:38:13 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I hope this bug report reaches the right persons.

I tried to install the TL2005 from the DVD-inst-ISO (after removing
my previous TL2003).
During the first try, the whole installation (full install) went
trough without obvious problems. Afterwards, I tried to tex a document
which worked perfectly well in TL2003. So far everything ok. The
problems came with windvi.
When opened from a console with "windvi document.tex" it did not even
open and gave an error message, that not all pixels could be
displayed. When starting just by "windvi" and subsequentially opening
a dvi-file, it only showed the lines within tables, everything else
was missing. I played around with the font files, also to include some
of the Futura fonts used in our university, but was not able to solve
this problem. Nevertheless, the dvi-file in the windvi documentation
could be displayed.
Afterwards I deinstalled TL2005 to try again in a fresh installation.
The problem now is, that I cannot get it installed again, as the
installer stops due to some error in file or directory
creation/copying. Even after manually cleaning registry, all
remaining texlive directories and environment variables it did not
As a test, I reinstalled TL 2003 and everything works as expected.
I forgot to mention my system configuration: P4 1.6Ghz, RAM: 1.6 Ghz,
and  Windows XP Pro SP2.

Finally, a comment on the installer. It would be nice to have a button
in the panel for the choice of an alternate installation directory, that
allows to create a new subdirectory. Otherwise one allways has to use
another program to create a texlive directory, i.e. under "program


PS: Why is there now the additional texmf-dist directory (compared to

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