[tex-live] texdoctk database

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Oct 19 02:47:00 CEST 2005

    here is a patch for texdoctk.dat.

Thanks, I applied it.

    I marked them by adding " ___" to the end of the line.  

I guess it is actually "???".

   If someone wants to create the missing files, it would be nice to
   produce PDF rather than DVI and change the respective entries in

Agreed, it would be nice, but that's a project (either pdf or dvi) I
can't undertake right now.  It should really happen as part of the
package updates.

epslatex is in flux.  Unfortunately Keith has not made a release.

symbols, I ended up removing symbols-letter since those files are
absolutely huge.  Maybe next year we can put it back.

The others, I dunno, have to be investigated individually.  If you or
anyone would like to volunteer to keep working on all this for next
year, that would be great.  (Perhaps texdoctk.dat could even be checked
automatically, both for incorrect and missing entries.)


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