[tex-live] TL contributing

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Oct 7 22:46:02 CEST 2005

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for writing.

    instructions only for packages not additional software.

Indeed, I didn't write recommendations for additional software yet
because it is much more complex than for pure TeX packages.

    questions. I am a coauthor of LEd, LaTeXEditor (www.latexeditor.org),

I see a couple issues.

On the legal side, you say it is "freeware", ok, that's good, but I do
not see the sources anywhere?  TeX Live's goal is to consist entirely of
"free software" by the FSF/Debian/OSI definitions.  (Giving no explicit
license results in confusion; I suggest releasing the program under the

You also mention that your dependencies have different licenses.  They
looked ok to me at a quick glance, but it would be desirable to confirm
this.  The Russian dictionary, allowing changes only through patches, is
annoyingly restrictive though perhaps still ok.

On the technical side, the biggest question is, how does it find TeX?
Does it just look in the directory where the led.exe is?  (That would be
ideal.)  Does it have any other support files that it needs to find, or
is everything contained in the executable?

In the CTAN directory for LEd, I see there is also a zip file with a
bunch of batch files for amstex, bibtex, etc.  What are they all about?
Are they required?  Where does it look for them?

That's what comes to mind at first glance ...


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