[tex-live] antt.tpm occurring in collection-langpolish and -fontsextra

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Oct 6 22:58:38 CEST 2005

Hi Karl!

On Don, 06 Okt 2005, Karl Berry wrote:
>     If the same Package-tpm is
>     required from different collections, then it comes into both debian
>     packages, which gives bad problems.
> This seems like a fundamental problem with the Debian scripts.  I see
> nothing wrong, in principle, with a package being in several
> collections.  It can even be useful, as it is in this case -- GUST users

I agree with you. But, till now it didn't happen quite often.

> Debian(*), but it seems wrong to me to force TL to have this
> restriction.  Unless Staszek is happy to just remove it from one or the

Again, I agree with you. That't the reason why I asked. 

But: With a package management system, with any in fact, it cannot work
this way.

It *would* work if I could make from every Package tpm its own debian
package, and requires would map directly to depends. But alas, this
would gives something like 1000+ new packages, which for sure will never
be accepted.

So we decided for the collection -> debian package way, which I find
quite reasonable.

> (*) Non-brilliant idea #1: make such common packages be their own Debian
> package, so that both the others can depend on it.

No. Or maybe. Or maybe not. I already have taken over the cm-super
package because it already exists in Debian. But I don't want to create
so many packages.

> Non-brilliant idea #2: arbitrarily choose debpkg (collection) X where
> antt will really reside, then make debpkg Y depend on debpkg X.  Sure,
> you get extra stuff along with it, but so what, disks are big.

This is what I will do.

> Non-brilliant idea #3: duplicate such common packages in both debpkg's.

Impossible, because when installing dpkg wants to overwrite a file from
a different package, which is not allowed.

So if we come to the conclusion, that some Package tpms will be included
into several Collection tpms, then I will have to choose for each of it
where it actually will be in the debian package.

Best wishes


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