[tex-live] Open Font License 1.0 released

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 25 01:19:38 CET 2005

FYI, as some of you know may already know, SIL has released the OFL
version 1.0
I have attached it, and their explanatory FAQ.

In this version, they weakened the selling clause to be like of Vera for
Gnome (can't sell by itself, but selling in conjunction with anything
else, e.g., Hello, World, is ok).  Since this was deemed acceptable for
Vera, I am going to presume it is acceptable here as well.  (I've asked
rms and licensing at gnu.org for a ruling, but don't expect that to happen

This seemed to me like the major stumbling block to the previous draft
being a free license.  So my opinion of the moment, barring further
input, is that this license is ok for TeX Live and other free software
distributions.  Which means that we will soon be able to distribute
Gentium, if we can create the necessary TeX support :).


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