[tex-live] old packages

Torsten Schuetze torsten.schuetze at siemens.com
Wed Nov 16 10:33:53 CET 2005


I just tested the preliminary test image texlive2005-inst-20051102.iso.
Everything works fine under SuSE 9.3. However, I have found some 
packages which could be updated:

texpower:   TL 2005 beta contains 2004/07/27 v0.1b
             current (texpower.sourceforge.net): 2005/04/08 v0.2
tpslifonts: TL 2005 beta contains 2003/05/29 v0.6
             current 2004/07/27 v0.6d

seminar.bg2: TL 2005 beta contains 1997/11/20 v1.6
             v1.7 1998/05/22 can be found at 

             v2.1 2002/05/31 !! can be found inside

Yes, I know that there are better packages than seminar and that it's 
not up-to-date. But there are a few users at my site still using it. In 
this context I would suggest to add Seminar-FAQ.ps.gz to the doc tree 
because it contains the results of all examples.

Further, the package ltxtable.sty is missing in tex/latex/carlisle. Just 
run source/latex/carlisle/ltxtable.tex and mv ltxtable.sty to the 
appropriate place.

These are all minor issues and it could be too late for this years 
release cycle. But perhaps they can be updated next year ;-)

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