[tex-live] Re: TeXlive for Debian - version 2005-0.1

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Nov 15 16:50:27 CET 2005

Hi Neil!

On Die, 15 Nov 2005, Neil McGovern wrote:
> 1) you mention at http://www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html that there are
> issues with upgrade paths. Have these been resolved?

Up to now you should *NOT* upgrade from a old version of the texlive
packages, but purge completely. I think this is ok so, for prerelease
packages I don't have to provide an upgrade path. And since the packages
are not in Debian up to now, no upgrade path at all has to be taken into

Only for next version (after -1) this is important.

> 2) The additional lintian warnings should be cleared up, especially
> warnings reagrding man pages.

There are some more warnings, as the packages install lintina overrodes,
too. Maybe I comment on them and you (or any other DD) can give me his
		some of these files are actually needed, like empty
		index files
		see below
		the source of many font packages etc contain script
		examples, but I don't want them to be executable.

other lintian problems (from lintian.log):
	shell-script-fails-syntax-check a2ping
		can someone PLEASE explain me how to fix the script
		header of a2ping? I tried but didn't succeed! Here it
		is, it starts quiet strange, but actually works very
#! /bin/sh
eval '(exit $?0)' && eval 'PERL_BADLANG=x;export PERL_BADLANG;: \
;exec perl -x -S -- "$0" ${1+"$@"};#'if 0;
eval 'setenv PERL_BADLANG x;exec perl -x -S -- "$0" $argv:q;#'.q+
#!perl -w
package Htex::a2ping; $0=~/(.*)/s;unshift at INC,'.';do($1);die$@if$@;__END__+if ! 1;
# This Perl script was generated by JustLib2 at Wed Apr 23 09:14:13
# 2003.
# Don't touch/remove any lines above; http://www.inf.bme.hu/~pts/justlib

		this is actually an extremly stupid lintina error.
		I guess the problem is that 'german' is written lc once,
		in the following line:
		german -- Support for German typography.
		where the first 'german' is a package name.
		How to overcome this stupidity?

		I have seen this in tetex, too, can I ignore this, or
		override this?
		Ok, the long and old Umlaut/latin1 story man cannot show
		without encoding the characters. I will try to fix all
		of them ...
		well #!/usr/bin/env fontforge
		seems to me not to be *very* unusual. fontforge is in
		debian, so why not use it.
		Should I replace it with 
		yes true. But I don't repack now. Maybe for next
		version. of .orig.tar.gz
		No, I won't write manpages for all of these file s*NOW*,
		and I won't search the world *now*. This is for later.

> 3) The version numbering system think it's an NMU. This should really be
> -1 rather than -0.1 for inclusion in the archive.

I guess we have to go through various more prerelease incarnation (or
are you content now?), they will be -0.2, -0.3, etc.

The first release actually uploaded will be -1.

This is what I got as a recommendation for preparing packages before
first upload.

> As this is such a big package, and could potentially clog up the
> ftpmaster's time, I'd like to make sure the packages are ready for
> release and have been tested throughly. I'd suggest that we make the
> first uplaod to experimental for this.

Good with me. I gues I have first to somehow eliminate the two lintian
errors (please someone helps me!).

License issue: I left license files in the respective places, and
collected as much information from the Catalogue into a license file.
Furthermore I included the license statement of TeX live as distributed.
I hope that this is enough.

> Does this sound ok?

How to continue? I propose:
. try to fix a2ping header error with some help
. create new packages with version number -1 for experimental
. you upload

What did I miss?

Best wishes


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