[tex-live] Why has initex disappeared?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Nov 13 19:02:26 CET 2005

    So by removing "initex", we have removed a common source of problems.

It is a common source of problems these days, yet it has also been
documented and used since day 1.  For this reason, I recall asking Olaf
to reinstate initex and inimf (don't care about any of the others) --
but it seems TL'05 won't have it, so you'll be happy about that :).

Just removing it also has the disadvantage that people who simply run
`initex' on a system with more than one tex installed (like everyone who
uses TL) will get the wrong one.

Perhaps it should be a shell script next time around:
echo "initex and inimf are too problematic to use directly any more."
echo "Please run fmtutil on teTeX and TeX Live to make formats."
echo "See http://whatever/whatever for more info."


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