[tex-live] Still "space in pathname" problem in windows pdeftex?

Bruno Piguet bpiguet at teaser.fr
Wed Nov 2 16:59:18 CET 2005


Thank-you for pointing out this solution :
> Please check the LaTeX => PDF Profile. Find the entry for arguments 
> send to the compiler. It should read as -interaction=nonstopmode
> "%Wm"

That's the only solution working so far.

- I didn't succeed in including another pair of double quotes, as
suggested Fabrice (patterns  like "\"%pm\"" don't work)
- I tried "%sPm", which should give the 8+3 form with /, didn't work, as
well (pdfetex breaks the name at the ~ character)

(Seems that this discussion belongs to TexnicCenter topics rather than
TexLive's. If it continues, I'll stop Cc: the texlive list).


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