[tex-live] Still "space in pathname" problem in windows pdeftex?

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Wed Nov 2 09:39:15 CET 2005

* Bruno Piguet <bpiguet at teaser.fr> writes:

    > when I type, on a command line, the exact following line (in one
    > line) pdflatex "c:\Program File\TL_2005\texmf-dist\tex\latex\base\sample2e.tex"

The answer :

c:\>pdfetex "\"c:/source/fptex tests/a b.tex\""
pdfetex "\"c:/source/fptex tests/a b.tex\""
This is pdfeTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.30.3-2.2 (Web2c 7.5.5)
 \write18 enabled.
 %&-line parsing enabled.
entering extended mode
(c:/source/fptex tests/a b.tex
(c:/Program Files/XEmTeX/texmf/tex/context/sample/tufte.tex))

1 - you can't use \ in path names with TeX (guess why ...)

2 - the double quotes you used are removed by the command line
interpreter, so you need to quote again the pathname.


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