[tex-live] purportedly final images

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Nov 2 02:05:14 CET 2005

Hi Karl!

On Die, 01 Nov 2005, Karl Berry wrote:
>     Can you please tell me the last perforce change number included in the
>     texlive final cds? Thanks a lot!
> Can't say for sure until the discs are burned, but if what I just made
> turns out to be final, I guess it will be #8640.

Ok, let us know.

>     > Now on to setting up svn ...
>     Have we already decided *where*?
> I was planning to set it up on tug.  (I had it basically working earlier
> this year, until the disk crashed.)  Unless someone else (you?) have
> time and energy to do it?  I guess you have svn running already, right,

No, definitely not. I am using the alioth.debian.org svn server for all
my stuff. And my knowledge about svn consists of 5 cmds I need, and
svn-buildpackage for debian stuff. Basta.

Sorry, but here I cannot be of any help.

Best wishes


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