[tex-live] purportedly final images

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Nov 2 01:59:03 CET 2005

    Can you please tell me the last perforce change number included in the
    texlive final cds? Thanks a lot!

Can't say for sure until the discs are burned, but if what I just made
turns out to be final, I guess it will be #8640.

(I rebuilt the images again just now, as Manfred put in some new freebsd
binaries.  As he is the one who actually delivers the images to the
production company, he is entitled :).  I did the small custom-bib
update at the same time, since it had already propagated on CTAN.)

    > Now on to setting up svn ...
    Have we already decided *where*?

I was planning to set it up on tug.  (I had it basically working earlier
this year, until the disk crashed.)  Unless someone else (you?) have
time and energy to do it?  I guess you have svn running already, right,
but do you feel like dealing with importing TL?  I wrote some
scripts and configured some stuff in svn to deal with it ...


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