[tex-live] [olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl: Re: [possible bug] kpsewhich gets confused by trailing slash]

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Nov 1 18:38:32 CET 2005

    A simple config change for this year's release!?

Are we sure ~ gets expanded right on Windows?

    >> My $HOME env var was set to "/home/thomas/". Running "kpsewhich

Overall, I don't feel compelled to make a change at the last second to
fix this, although I have no real objection.  I doubt TeX is the only
program that fails when HOME has a trailing /.  (I know it's used for
ftp-only configurations, but ftp-only configurations can't run any
commands to get confused. :)

Couple minor doc things just in, so the present rebuild is not the
last.  Didn't really think it would be :).


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