[tex-live] osfontdir

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Mar 25 19:24:36 CET 2005

Thomas Esser wrote:
>>>With the original formulation, when OSFONTDIR was empty, the path would
>>>look like .;$TEXMF/fonts/afm//;//
> ...
>>>Perhaps the name would be better as EXTRAFONTPATH or HOOKFONTPATH or
>>>some such; I can imagine it being useful for things other than OS fonts.
> I don't particulary like to clutter the configuration with paths and
> variables which *might* ease user's configuration. We could as well put

hm, there are already cluttering paths that we don't bother about, like 
/misc/hbf and so

> a setup.bat (and a setup.sh and setup.csh with burne shell and c-shell
> syntax) with a template somewhere which has:
>   set fontdir=c:/windows/fonts
>   set T1FONTS=;%fontdir%//
>   set OPENTYPEFONTS=;%fontdir%//
>   set TTFONTS=;%fontdir%//
> for people who might need it.

that will not work, because one needs the tex fonts as well; i don't know about 
linux but windows and mac users definitely want to use the fonts that come with 
their systems


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