[tex-live] LM as the default outline font?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 24 10:27:49 CET 2005

Frank Küster wrote:

>>As Latin Modern were corrected and released (ver. 0.982), it is perhaps
>>good time to discuss how can they be used to replace Type1 versions
>>of CM, CS, PL and VN in real working distributions. The current LM
>>contains also substitution map files for such fonts.
> I don't know much about these things, but it seems that there are still
> uncorrected errors in 0.982.  Florent Rougon, maintainer of lmodern in
> Debian, wrote:
> ,----
> | 0.982 is out there and the fontdimens in the lmtt TFM files are still

Indeed, but wasn't jacko going to fix that? I think that there were also some 
missing glyphs. We can expect an update pretty soon.

> | wrong. Not to mention the unfortunate version number and the material

We're nearing 1.00 and after that updates will be less frequent -)

> | being shipped in ZIP archives. :-/

i see no problem with zip archives, actually i like zip archives -)

> `----


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