[tex-live] LM as the default outline font?

Staszek Wawrykiewicz staw at gust.org.pl
Thu Mar 24 05:52:20 CET 2005

As Latin Modern were corrected and released (ver. 0.982), it is perhaps
good time to discuss how can they be used to replace Type1 versions
of CM, CS, PL and VN in real working distributions. The current LM
contains also substitution map files for such fonts.

I've made several tests of CM substitution, having in mind font map files
prepared by updmap (for dvips, pdftex and dvipdfm). Please note that
this machinery is also used in MiKTeX.

1. Fonts from AMS/BlueSky are declared altogether by bsr.map. I'd suggest
   making bsradd.map (containing only euler, lasy, linew, wn*) and 
   using cm-lm.map instead of bsr.map (in updmap.cfg).

2. As always, we have the mess with additional cm*. They are sometimes
   used from the BaKoMa collection (they should be completely removed
   from the distributions, as nowadays they only make a disaster), 
   sometimes are substituted by bsr-interplated.map. Anyway, we have some
   name clashes in bsr-interpolated.map vs. cm-lm.map

cmbxti12 CMBXTI12 <cmbxti10.pfb % long standing bug in bsr-interpolated;-))
cmbxti7 CMBXTI10  <cmbxti10.pfb
cmcsc8 CMCSC10    <cmcsc10.pfb
cmcsc9 CMCSC10    <cmcsc10.pfb
cmitt12 CMITT12   <cmitt10.pfb
cmitt9 CMITT10    <cmitt10.pfb
cmsl6 CMSL8       <cmsl8.pfb
cmsltt9 CMSLTT10  <cmsltt10.pfb
cmssbxo10 CMSSBX10 <cmssbx10.pfb

so perhaps the above part could be removed from bsr-interpolated.map.

3. ttcmex.map vs. cm-lm.map

cmex7 CMEX10 <fmex10.pfb
cmex8 CMEX10 <fmex10.pfb
cmex9 CMEX10 <fmex10.pfb

those lines should be removed from cm-lm.map, as such fonts doesn't
exist in any distribution in cm* concerning map files (extra *.pfb fonts 
belong now to the different package).

Ps. replacing CS, PL and VN would be the next step (more easy).

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
StaW at gust.org.pl

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