[tex-live] Feature request for web2c/tex...

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Sat Mar 19 11:28:44 CET 2005

"DK" == David Kastrup writes:

 DK> Another question: I have not been able to get my TeXlive2005 into
 DK> the state where it outputs ^^8a and similar transcriptions to the
 DK> terminal, even by setting LC_CTYPE to C.

as far as i remember, currently TeX does not take locale into account
when writing to terminal (which, to me, looks buggy).

 DK> Is there a reasonably easy way to get, say, an encoding that will
 DK> quote 00-09, 0b-0c, 0e-1f, 7f-9f, so that I get the original ugly
 DK> situation (imagine this transcription when you are really using
 DK> UTF-8!) that preview-latex now is designed to cater for?

you should use the appropriate TCX file which does not "describe" any
"unsafe" characters (or probably also not using any TCX file during
format generation will do the same effect).


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