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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Mar 13 21:16:19 CET 2005

I know it seems like only yesterday that TL2004 was done,
but it seems sensible to establish a timetable for TL2005 now.
My impression (correct me if I am wrong) is that not a lot
needs to change. There are:

 - many packages updated (eg last week's new release of the LM fonts)
 - bugs fixes (eg in libpng, and bits of pdftex)
 - small improvements and additions
 - infrastructure changes (eg the changed environment variable names in 
new teTeX)

Martin, can you summarize the state of pdftex? 

My suggestion is

   May 1st: source freeze
   May-June: compile fest
   June 15th: texmf and install freeze
   July 15th: total and doc freeze

from my point of the view, this means that I cannot do
much of the texmf work, as I shall be out of contact in
April and May, but I'll get things up to date at
the end of March.

I guess we'll be without Windows executables, unless
someone steps forward with necessary setup and abilities.

Karl, I fear the burden will fall on you of updating and
checking the install scripts, in light of the infrastructure
changes. I wish I could see a way forward there to
a new installer....

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