[tex-live] Re: Problem with 11pt Blackboard Bold in TeXLive 2004

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 7 02:04:05 CET 2005

    Thus a proper fix is to copy b-bbold.mf into

I'm reluctant to copy it into public/sauter since it's not part of the
original sauter distribution.  It turns out that b-bbold.mf has never
been included in TL, as far as I can tell.

On CTAN, it is in the fonts/cm/sauter/addons/ directory, which includes
a number of other files:

b-bbold.mf   b-cmrisz.mf  b-cmrz.mf    b-ilcmsb.mf    b-stmary.mf   cyrillic.mf
b-cmbizx.mf  b-cmritz.mf  b-czinch.mf  b-ilcmsi.mf    b-wasy.mf     cyrl.mf
b-cmbozx.mf  b-cmriz.mf   b-czssq.mf   b-ilcmss.mf    b-wasyb.mf    cyrsymb.mf
b-cmbszx.mf  b-cmrotz.mf  b-czssqi.mf  b-lasy.mf      c-cmssbq.mf   cyru.mf
b-cmbxsc.mf  b-cmroz.mf   b-icmex.mf   b-lasyb.mf     c-lcircle.mf  cytextit.mf
b-cmbz.mf    b-cmrs.mf	  b-icmmi.mf   b-lcircle.mf   c-line.mf     cytitle.mf
b-cmbzx.mf   b-cmrsz.mf   b-icmsy.mf   b-lcirclew.mf  cyccsc.mf     wasy.mf
b-cmdszc.mf  b-cmrtz.mf   b-icmtt.mf   b-line.mf      cycoding.mf
b-cmrcz.mf   b-cmruz.mf   b-ilasy.mf   b-linew.mf     cyitall.mf

I don't know where they all came from.  Most of those Cyrillic files
already have other versions in other directories, with numerous
differences.  Sigh.

I guess we can just copy b-bbold, I suppose cleaning up this mess would
be a bit much to ask at this late date.

Any thoughts?


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