[tex-live] [OT] Micropress-inc.com gone?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 1 15:35:46 CET 2005

    Is it only me or is micropress-inc.com gone? dns lookups do not succeed,

Not just you.

I suspect panix is having problems again.  They are a favorite target
for crackers.

Dns lookups actually succeed for me, and the domain is not expired, but
the web site is not responding.

Probably best to just wait a couple days.

$ whois micropress-inc.com
     Domain servers in listed order:

$ host www.micropress-inc.com ns1.access.net
www.micropress-inc.com is an alias for corp-web.panix.com.
corp-web.panix.com has address
corp-web.panix.com has address

(Same for ns2.access.net.)


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